GUI to Microsoft® Glossaries for Technical Translators and Technical Translation Agencies

Downloads and resumes broken/paused downloads of Microsoft glossaries.
Displays glossaries in a nice and convenient dictionary form.
Allows fast search for glossary terms



Downloads… and Resumes!

WinLexic: GUI to Microsoft Glossaries - Downloads... and Resumes!

Downloading Microsoft Glossaries is not an easy task. They are large (only Farsi, Arabic, Malay, and Indonesian glossaries are under 1Mb, other 40 glossaries range in size between 1.05 Mb for Galician language and 62Mb for Spanish language) and downloading them by standard means (through Microsoft Internet Explorer, for instance) may be a nuisance. That’s why this task usually involves purchasing FTP client software, able to automatically resume broken transfers…

But not with WinLexic! WinLexic already contains built-in FTP client configured to access Microsoft public FTP server, and able to resume transfers. That means approximately USD30 savings for you plus less hassle about getting glossaries downloaded and interpreted properly!

Displays Nicely!

WinLexic - Raw Glossary Data translation agency

After being downloaded and unpacked Microsoft® Glossaries still represent quite a frightening view to average human with little time at her or his disposal to browse through raw glossary data.

WinLexic - Language and glossary for translators

In the same situation WinLexic owners will be able to browse nice dictionary instead of technical mambo-jumbo-guesswork. You just select language and glossary. Browse through entries in the source language and see each entry in a comfortable view.

WinLexic - Searches Glossaries Fast! for freelancers

Searches Fast!

Compare efficiency of searching for terms in Microsoft® Glossaries between searching in NotePad and searching in WinLexic.

WinLexic - Searches Fast! microsoft words

And the winner is… WinLexic! Download free trial version of WinLexic or order it at a special launch price!

P.S. WinLexic enables you to set a global shortcut to enable search from virtually any software you run (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.).

WinLexic - search from virtually any software you run as a translator

P.P.S. You may customize and personalize interface of WinLexic only to make your experience of searching pleasant and comfortable.