1. About WinLexic SE

WinLexic SE (Sunset Edition) is a program created to facilitate quick and easy download and viewing of Microsoft terminology glossaries and style guides for many languages.

2. Menu Bar

At the top of the window you will see the menu bar with the following menus:

2.1 Terminology

Contains options to open the download dialog for terminology glossaries, open a single downloaded glossary, and close the program.

2.2 Style Guides

Contains options to open the download dialog for style guides or open a single downloaded style guide.

2.3 Window

Contains options to control the general layout of opened glossaries and/or style guides and to quickly switch between them.

2.4 About

Contains options to open an "About" window and contact AIT support.

3. Downloading

The download windows for glossaries and style guides work identically.

4. Glossaries

The Glossary window show the contents of a Glossary for a single language.

5. Style Guides

Microsoft Style Guides are PDF documents that outline how to follow the "Microsoft Voice" then localizing content for the company.